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What to expect

After your appointment is scheduled:

Day of appointment

The nurse will arrive and use the supplies shipped earlier


Supplies are shipped to the address where the visit will take place

After the appointment

Results will be sent to the ordering physician


Supplies are shipped directly to you.

Day of appointment

Your nurse will arrive and use the supplies sent to you before

After the appointment

Results will be accessible through your physician

Procedure preparation

All lab draws:  It is important to hydrate according to the physician's recommendations. Please remember to wear clothing that allows for easy access to the patient's arms.

Fasting blood tests:  "Standard" fasting instructions include no food or drink (except water) 8-10 hours before the scheduled appointment.  If you have specific questions regarding fasting instructions, please contact the ordering physician.

Urine tests:  Hydration is key to ensuring the patient can provide an adequate sample when the nurse arrives. Please contact the ordering physician if you have questions regarding specific hydration needs. In addition, avoid emptying the bladder within one hour of the scheduled appointment time.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring:  Please contact your physician for specific instructions regarding when to take your last dose of medication before your appointment.

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