CareSend for doctors

In-home lab draws for your patients.

Deliver mobile lab draws to your patients at the push of a button.

Same-day draws
Work with any lab you choose
Access results as usual

How it works

You or your office
Fax, email or upload a patient’s lab order form
Contacts your patient to schedule
Sends a healthcare professional to your patient’s home to perform the draw
Makes sure you get results in the usual way

A network of hand-picked nurses working for you and your patients.

We give you and your patients access to a network of carefully selected healthcare professionals. For lab draws, these include phlebotomists and nurses.

5 Step vetting process

Every CareSend nurse and phlebotomist goes through a thorough vetting process, consisting of:

 Medical license check
 ID verification
 Criminal background check
 Malpractice insurance verification
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Same-day draws
Work with any lab
Added value for patients