On demand staff for your care deliveries

Optimize cost efficiency of your deliveries by paying for staff only when needed.

How it works

Define staff

Optimize your staffing costs through fractional clinicians. Reserve dedicated time or share the shift with other offices for lower pricing.

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Your shift will be offered to eligible CarePros, based on your shift criteria and their availability. View the CarePro profile once they have matched.

You’re set - take
delivery orders

Extend your practice into the home without the need to worry about any of the fulfillment. CareOS and the CarePro network will make it happen.


Fully flexible cost structure

Only pay for staff when you need it, where you need it. No long term commitment.

Launch new

Or grow your existing presence with no hiring lead time. The CarePro pool is fully operational from the get go.

Who are CarePros?

They are RNs, LVN/LPNs and phlebotomists
Carefully vetted and selected
Excellent clinical skills
Experienced and proficient in procedures they are onboarded for
Excellent customer service

The CarePro selection process

Resume review
Background check
ID verification
License verification
Approved CarePro

CarePros® are available through CareOS

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